Hi there
This is My Story
 Photographer from the age of 12
Working life as a Business Owner Pastry Chef
Father of 3 Incredible Boys 
Grandfather of 5 Amazing Grandies
Now Retired and Full time Photographer
About Me 
My journey into photography began with a single click as a child many years ago—a moment of fascination that sparked a deep passion for freezing fleeting moments in time.
Exploring landscapes, seascapes and the rugged beauty of the Australian bush, each frame became an opportunity to connect with the essence of my subjects.
In the pursuit of perfecting my craft, I explored diverse styles and techniques, ultimately crafting a unique visual language—a blend of vibrant hues, evocative compositions, and an unwavering commitment to authenticity.
Today, my camera is more than a tool; it's an extension of my soul—a means to breathe life into moments and evoke emotions that endure beyond the instant.
For me, photography isn't solely about images; it's about the profound connections forged, the narratives spun, and the shared moments frozen in time within each frame. Join me on this exploration, and perhaps find a piece of your own story within the images I create.
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